Resources & Waste

Resource or waste? Depends how you see it!

Our waste is a resource, and unless we see it as such, it will continue to be one of the most challenging environmental issues we face. ACT residents have high consuming lifestyles.  Until we successfully manage the waste we generate, it will continue to have significant impacts on wildlife, the environment and human health. Viewing our waste as a resource means we should adopt practices which promote a circular economy, and expand infrastructure that supports responsible waste and resource management.

Say goodbye to single-use plastic!

While plastic is a uniquely malleable, cheap, adaptive and variable product, use of plastic contributes to pollution in waterways and landscapes, and poses threats to wildlife, especially through micro-plastic particles that are readily absorbed by plants and animals, and passed down through the food chain. In addition, the manufacture of plastic requires petroleum products and releases significant greenhouse emissions. No matter how well plastic can be recycled, the focus must be on avoiding its use in the first place.

Food is never wasted!

Food and organic waste sent to landfill contributes to the 4% of greenhouse gas emissions from the waste sector and squanders a valuable resource. The most beneficial use of food waste, after recovery and distribution of still-edible food, is as compost to regenerate soil and nurture new plant life, helping soils and plants to sequester carbon, hold moisture and be more resilient to climate change. Improving collection from residential and commercial premises will reduce compost waste going to landfill, and enable us to reuse this valuable resource on both public and private lands.

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Take action for responsible waste management

Take action for responsible waste management

ACT residents have high consuming lifestyles. Single-use plastics continue to be utilised in the ACT, posing major threats to wildlife, waterways and our health. Food...

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