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Conservation Council ACT Region has joined with other members of the Stop Adani Alliance to send a letter to re-elected Queensland Labor Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk asking her to implement her unequivocal election promise of 7 November to write to Prime Minister Turnbull on her first day in office to veto any Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) loan for the Adani coal project.

As Premier Palaszczuk said, “the people of Queensland do not want to see taxpayers’ money used to go to a billionaire. That’s the bottom line”.

The Stop Adani Alliance suggests that for Premier Palaszczuk to achieve her stated aim of stopping taxpayer funds flowing to Adani, her letter to the Prime Minister must include:

  • a clear statement advising the Prime Minister that the Queensland Government does not support any taxpayer-funded financial assistance being provided to Adani’s coal project; and is therefore exercising the Queensland Government’s right to veto a NAIF loan for infrastructure that would enable Adani.
  • A commitment that the Queensland Government will not support any other NAIF loan for coal-related infrastructure for Adani’s project in the future, as per the election promise of no public subsidies to Adani.

The Stop Adani campaign objective is to stop Adani’s plans for coal mine, rail and port infrastructure from proceeding, and to shift Australia beyond coal.

Follow the link to see the Stop Adani Alliance letter to Queensland Premier Palaszczuk.