In May 2019, the ACT Legislative Assembly declared a state of climate emergency noting that “​globally, nationally and locally, human induced climate change is contributing to record breaking temperatures, extreme weather events, and a range of negative social, environmental and economic outcomes.”

The motion also ​acknowledged the need for urgent action across all levels of government. The Conservation Council advocates that this is an imperative for all governments nationally and globally, and that the ACT Government should seek to implement reporting and checking practices that ensure the climate change objectives are established as a priority across all policy setting of Government.

In September 2019 the ACT Government released its ​ACT Climate Change Strategy 2019-25. It is paramount that adequate funding is allocated to ensure the actions to 2025 come to fruition, especially when the ACT community has championed and supported this plan and are expecting it to be implemented swiftly and successfully.

Accordingly, the Conservation Council identifies that the policies and programs which reduce the ACT’s emissions, and create a more livable, equitable and community-focused city with a secure climate future, are the highest priority in the 2020/21 Budget process.

Read our full Budget Submission 2020-2021.