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Clean and healthy waterways

ACT Election Priorities 2020

The ACT’s rivers, lakes, ponds and wetlands, as well as the riparian vegetation they facilitate, provide crucial support to local wildlife by providing food, refuge and habitat. They also provide space for residents to socialise and recreate, and enhance health and wellbeing. However, water and riparian assets both regionally and nationally face significant challenges as a result of altered flow regimes, loss of riparian vegetation, pollution and invasive species. Better management of water through our urban landscape, in particular slowing and utilising stormwater, and investment in the management of riparian zones, will improve water quality in our waterways and the catchment.

01. Invest in a new robust monitoring system to collect long-term data on the ecological health of the ACT’s waterways and wetlands, and establish new water assessment sites for data collection by the ACT Government.

02. Invest $1.2m over 4 years to support the Environmental Protection Authority to improve regulation and compliance with sediment and runoff controls on building sites to mitigate stormwater contamination.

03. Commit to a schedule and funding to repair, modify and progressively upgrade existing major creeks and stormwater channels including Tuggeranong Creek, Weston Creek, Yarralumla Creek, Jerrabomberra Creek and Sullivan’s Creek.

04. Develop an incentive scheme to encourage developers and homeowners to install permeable surfaces on residential properties.

05. Set a permeable surfaces target for public space that aligns with achieving the city-wide 30% permeable surfaces target.

06. Invest $800k over 4 years to continue the H20K Program to directly engage with householders and businesses to reduce pollutants entering stormwater drains.

07. Extend funding for the Frogwatch program until 2024.

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