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Let’s put the climate front and centre for the 2022 Federal Election!

1. Paint the town yellow!

The Conservation Council is partnering with the Climate Action Network Australia and CANsign to distribute these distinctive Climate Action Now signs as part of a national campaign. Priority suburbs for this election campaign are the inner south and Queanbeyan, but yellow everywhere will help spread the conversation about strong climate action across Canberra.

We now have large bin stickers which can also be used as posters, plus small stickers suitable for car bumpers or laptops or letterboxes or noticeboards or wherever (get permission before sticking them anywhere else!).

Please drop into the office to collect some for your household and to distribute around your neighbourhood. (Note office hours and call ahead in case staff are out and about).

Or come along on Saturday afternoon 2 April and combine it with painting banners and learning about our campaign to protect Lawson grasslands.

If you are outside of Canberra, you can get your sign delivered for a small cost by ordering directly through CANsign. You can order up to 5 signs with the same postage fee.

2. Join the campaign!

Volunteer to get involved in the election campaign. Bring your ideas and help out in whatever ways suit you, for instance, letter-boxing, helping at a candidate forum, writing letters or other tasks.

Tick the “Yes” box in the form below and we will get in touch!

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3. Donate!

Can’t help out this election, yet care deeply about climate change?

Donate today to support our advocacy and campaign work!