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Fulfil your acting dreams and help the planet!

The Conservation Council is making a new series of short videos on the topic of making the switch from gas cooking to induction cooking, and we need talent!

We’re seeking people who have a home with a gas stove and gas heating.

We need a home with gas appliances as a filming location (house, apartment, rental or owned), and you, the residents, to do a little bit of cooking and general home activities, showing how portable electric appliances can be used instead of gas. This would be a non-speaking role, as background footage.

Ideally, your home would be tidy and you’ll be flexible about us moving things around a bit and giving you direction for us to set up equipment and get the right shots. You may have some useful electric appliances that could be included (eg microwave oven, electric blanket), but otherwise we will bring what’s needed.

Filming is tentatively booked for Friday 24 March but could be rescheduled if necessary.

Filming would take about 4–5 hours max, including setting up, interviewing a presenter (TBD), filming you using electric appliances, and packing up. 

Video production will be by Crux Media, managed by Kirsten Duncan. You can find previous video series on the Conservation Council YouTube channel as examples of the style and quality.

By volunteering in this way you’ll be making a valuable contribution to climate action, helping Canberrans to make the switch off polluting fossil gas to clean renewable energy in their homes. 

Please express interest as soon as possible via the volunteering form > click the button.

Thank you!

Once you’ve submitted the form, find out more at Make the Switch