Protecting Canberra’s nature

The 2019 United Nations report on biodiversity identified that up to one million species globally face extinction in coming decades. Australia is not immune, with 1,600 species that are currently threatened.

The ACT is home to two critically-endangered ecological communities with 52 threatened species. Natural Temperate Grasslands and Yellow Box-Blakely’s Red Gum Grassy Woodlands are especially important given their national significance, as well as their intrinsic value and amenity they bring to our city.

Threatened by urban development, invasive species and climate change, these areas of conservation value in the ACT should now be protected.

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Cat-astrophe: Cats Found to be the Most Costly Invasive Species in Australia and the ACT

A recent study from researchers at Matthew Flinders University and the CSIRO reveals the enormous cost of invasive species to the Australian economy, and shows that cats are the worst perpetrators. In light of the recent research it is prudent to question whether the laid back implementation of cat containment in the ACT is appropriate.

MEDIA RELEASE: 2021-22 climate and environment budget lopsided

The Conservation Council ACT Region cautiously welcomed funding for climate action and the environment announced today by the ACT Government, though has raised concerns that some of the biggest-ticket items in the Budget will deliver little in the way of emissions reductions.

MEDIA RELEASE: Supporting Canberra’s threatened species on National Threatened Species Day

Tuesday September 7th is National Threatened Species Day and the Conservation Council ACT Region is putting the spotlight on one of Canberra’s threatened species – the critically endangered Golden Sun Moth.

Gang Gang Cockatoos: What Canberra’s favourite bird is up to while we’re in lockdown.

While the rest of us are twiddling our thumbs in lockdown, Canberra’s Gang-gang Cockatoos are busily heeding the arrival of Spring by preparing for their breeding season…

South coast forests still under threat

(Pic: Big spotty, South Brooman State Forest, NCC) Canberrans are passionate about the south coast of NSW - the forests and the beaches have a special place in our hearts. The south coast forests are truly amazing, featuring a diverse combination of eucalypt forests...

MEDIA RELEASE: ACT Cat Plan step in the right direction for Canberra’s wildlife

The ACT Cat Plan is a step in the right direction for Canberra’s wildlife.