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As the ‘bush capital’ Canberra is fortunate to host some of the most amazing wildlife and landscapes in Australia. But the triple planetary crisis of biodiversity loss, climate change, and pollution means that we have more to lose than ever before.

Over 100 Australian species are now listed as either extinct or extinct in the wild. Across the country, there are more non-native plants than native ones. Rivers, the lifeblood of inland landscapes like Canberra are drying up, and land is being cleared at alarming rates.

The ACT is not immune to this. Approximately 6.2% of Canberra’s mature trees have been removed in the past 5 years; our beloved faunal emblem, the Gang-gang Cockatoo is endangered; and our natural areas are at increasing risk of pest plants and animals.

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Biodiversity Working Group is chaired by Hugh Coppell and meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 5.30pm. Biodiversity Working Group is open to anyone interested in biodiversity including member groups, staff and board members. To become involved please contact Elle.

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Sleeper Weeds – Take Action Via Canberra Nature Map

Sleeper Weeds – Take Action Via Canberra Nature Map

Some of the species that are currently favoured as garden and landscape plants are establishing a toehold in Canberra's natural areas.  A major issue is that some of these "sleeper" or emerging weed species are still being recommended to be planted by information...

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