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Protect our cats and wildlife too. Support 24 hour cat containment across the ACT by 2025. Sign the petition now.

Help make Canberra become the first major Australian city to require 24 hour cat containment.

It is irrefutable that cats pose a serious threat to native wildlife across all of Canberra

Canberra is unique, as the Bush Capital we are surrounded by grassland and woodlands which are habitat for 23 threatened wildlife species and hundreds of native animals. The majority of our suburbs contain, border or are within 1km of important habitat for species which are particularly vulnerable to cat predation, such as ground dwelling and foraging species. There are an estimated 56,000 pet cats in Canberra, hunting more than 67 different species of prey.

A comprehensive report – Background-Paper-Responsible-Pet-Ownership-and-the-Protection-of-Wildlife-2014 (PDF 3.36MB) collates all of the local research and data into the impacts of roaming domestic cats on native wildlife in Canberra. It noted the need to extend cat containment to existing suburbs near nature reserves or biodiversity hot spots, effectively across all of Canberra, while also recognising a reasonable period of time be provided before introduction of any new requirements.

On the basis of the evidence we have asked Minister Rattenbury, as the responsible Minister, to declare all of Canberra cat containment due to the threats roaming cats pose to native wildlife by 2025. Read our open letter to Minister Rattenbury about Canberra-wide cat containment (PDF 155KB).

Cat containment not only protects our local wildlife but also benefits the welfare of our pet cats:

  • Contained cats live much longer
  • Contained cats suffer less injury and therefore less expensive vet bills
  • Contained cats reduce nuisance to neighbours
  • Contained cats don’t create a “feeder” population for potential future feral cats, and
  • Contained cats can be very content.

We believe that Minister Rattenbury has a responsibility to declare all of Canberra as a cat containment area by 2025.

Join us in calling on Minister Rattenbury to:

  • declare, in a timely manner, all new suburbs and urban developments within one kilometre of nature reserves as cat containment

  • make a forward declaration to make all of Canberra cat containment by 2025

  • support and fund ongoing community public education on cat containment in the ACT.

Protect our cats and wildlife too. Support 24 hour cat containment across the ACT by 2025.   Sign the petition now.