Climate Action Now

We are facing a climate emergency. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said that we need to turn around increasing rates of greenhouse emissions in the next 12 years to keep global temperature increases below 1.5 degrees Celsius and to give us any chance of a safe climate.

In Canberra we have taken strong action on climate change, moving from coal-fired power to electricity generated by solar and wind. By 2020, Canberra’s electricity will be 100% renewable.

There is still work to do on transport and gas emissions to deliver a carbon-neutral city. And we need to ensure that our city is resilient in the face of the challenges that our changing climate will bring.

Gas-free ACT

Gas is a polluting fossil fuel that contributes to climate change. The ACT is now powered by 100% renewable, clean electricity so we no longer need to heat our homes and water or cook with fossil gas.

Get more information about our campaign to transition Canberra off gas.

Latest news

Budget Wrap 2021-2022

Earlier this year, the Conservation Council made a Budget submission to the ACT Government this year that focussed on 4 key priorities: Respond to the climate emergency...

Race to Zero – email the PM!

Race to Zero – email the PM!

The world’s leaders will meet in Glasgow from 31 Oct to 12 Nov for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference, with the aim of increasing the pace of action to halt global warming. Australia is one of only a few countries without a commitment to or a plan for reaching net zero emissions. Send an email to the PM to demand a national plan to slash climate pollution by 2030.

MEDIA RELEASE: 2021-22 climate and environment budget lopsided

MEDIA RELEASE: 2021-22 climate and environment budget lopsided

The Conservation Council ACT Region cautiously welcomed funding for climate action and the environment announced today by the ACT Government, though has raised concerns that some of the biggest-ticket items in the Budget will deliver little in the way of emissions reductions.

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