Bush Buds: Discover the wonder of Canberra’s nature!

Canberra is known as the Bush Capital for a reason. We are lucky to share the Territory with many amazing plants and animals – some found nowhere else on earth! But our nature is in trouble. The world is facing an extinction crisis and now, more than ever, the plants and animals that make the Territory special need a friend.

Join us and Canberra’s political decision makers in adopting a Bush Bud to learn about the nature that makes our region so special and commit to its protection. With over 30 buds to choose from, you’re sure to find someone that you get along with!

So take your pick! Find the fact sheet for your favourite species and learn about what makes your Buddy special.

After befriending them you will be invited to attend a walk with a local expert to connect with nature and learn more about your new Bush Bud. You’ll also recieve updates about opportunities to take the next steps in advocating for your Bush Bud!

Click on the image of the species to access the fact sheet. Once you have chosen your Bush Bud, you can sign up by clicking on the name of your species.

Alpine Tree Frog

Canberra Grassland Earless Dragon

Gang Gang Cockatoo

Golden Sun Moth

Hooded Robin

Murray River Crayfish

Pink-tailed Worm-lizard

Small Ant-blue Butterfly

Striped Legless Lizard

Tarengo Leek Orchid

Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby

Eastern Bettong

Ginninderra Peppercress

Greater Glider

Macquarie Perch

Northern Corroboree Frog

Regent Honeyeater

Southern Brown Bandicoot

Superb Parrot

Two-spined Blackfish

Button Wrinklewort

Eastern Quoll

Glossy Black Cockatoo

Grey-headed Flying Fox

Murray River Cod

Perunga Grasshopper

Scarlet Robin

Spotted Tail Quoll

Swift Parrot

Yellow Spotted Bell Frog

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