Protect Bluetts Block-Piney Ridge

The diverse woodlands of Bluetts Block – Piney Ridge urgently need protection as a Nature Reserve. 

Bluetts Block – Piney Ridge is home to over 100 plant species as well as rare marsupial populations of Dunnart and Antechinus. A birding hotspot, it provides habitat for the endangered Superb Parrot, Gang-gang Cockatoo, and many more woodland birds – which we know are facing steep decline.

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Bluetts Block-Piney Ridge deserves to be a Nature Reserve – instead it is under threat as Canberra’s Western Edge becomes the next frontier for development. All development that will impact on the area’s important natural values should be stopped.

In addition to its extraordinary biodiversity, Bluetts Block – Piney Ridge is important because it provides landscape connection from the Murrumbidgee River Corridor to Kama Nature Reserve, Pinnacle Nature Reserve, and Stoney Creek Reserve. Landscape connections allow animals to move safely into different areas to breed and forage. Without connectivity across the landscape, many species cannot find food, water or shelter when they need it, leaving them vulnerable.

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Photos supplied by the ACT environment community.

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