Protect wildlife and your cat

The Conservation Council ACT Region is calling on the ACT Government to make it law that cats are contained 24 hours a day across the whole of Canberra by 2025.

Cats are a popular pet in Canberra and a valuable companion animal in many households. They are also predators and all cats, even those that are well fed, have natural hunting and chasing instincts. Research reveals that roaming pet cats are killing a significant and diverse range of native wildlife, threatening biodiversity in our Bush Capital. While some suburbs have already been declared cat containment areas, cats are allowed to roam in many other suburbs, even near nature reserves.

Write to Minister Chris Steel, MLA, asking the Government to implement Canberra-wide cat containment by 2025.

Neighbourhood Cat Containment Pack

Would you like to encourage voluntary cat containment in your neighbourhood?  Perhaps you live close to a nature reserve and the protection of sensitive wildlife is important to you, or maybe roaming neighbourhood cats are a nuisance. Our community engagement...

ACT Budget 2020/21 Submission

In May 2019, the ACT Legislative Assembly declared a state of climate emergency noting that “​globally, nationally and locally, human induced climate change is contributing to record breaking temperatures, extreme weather events, and a range of negative social,...

Why we need cat containment

We welcomed the opportunity to comment on the Draft ACT Cat Plan 2019-29. Read what we urged the ACT Government to do in our submission here.

Media Release: Draft Cat Plan up for discussion

5 April 2019 Draft cat plan up for discussion The Conservation Council ACT Region has welcomed today’s release of the Draft ACT Cat Plan, and encouraged the community to get involved in the consultation over the next three months. “This is a great opportunity for...

Contained cats are happier cats

Our recent Environment Exchange on cat containment foreshadowed the newly released draft Cat Plan. Canberra needs cat containment across all suburbs by 2025 to help protect native wildlife, and cats.